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Do you dream of flying?

Do you look up when you hear an airplane fly overhead and wonder how it feels to be in the pilot seat? Want to travel at your own leisure?

At the FCA Flight Center, we are proud to offer a fleet of well maintained, FAA-approved aircraft in which to conduct your flight training. For primary flight training, we operate Cessna 152, Cessna 172, Cirrus SR-20 and Cirrus SR-22. These are the most popular training aircraft and have trained hundreds of thousands of pilots worldwide.


What the reviews are saying about the FCA Flight Center:

Most Fun Ever 


Flying a plane is one one the best experiences you could ever do. It was the best birthday gift ever. I highly recommend anyone to try it. It is most definitely worth the price. After flying once I am hooked, I will now try to get my pilots license.  

- Stewart L Talbot - Eastern Mass

An overall great experience. From someone who had never flown before, I had an amazing time. A quick walk around the plane with on the ground instruction, then we were off and flying. Over an hour of flight time with a good chuck of it done by yours truly. I would highly recommend.  

- Brendan - FCA Flight Center Fitchburg Municipal Airport

OUTSTANDING! My flying experience at FCA Flight Center in Fitchburg was excellent. Pete was a great instructor. I learned a lot, got to control the plane for most of the time and it was an amazing experience from start to finish. 

- Sean Kavanagh - Concord MA, 



Join in on the fun and excitement like you've never imagined! YES, you can learn to fly! YES, it's less expensive than a boat or motorcycle! 
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